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July 18, 2009
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This is a commission I did for ~dolldivine a month ago. I made most of the linearts and then she put it all together and also added some things.

Go check out her page [link] She has a lot of other great dressup games :)

1. Right click on game, select "Forward"
2. Play it here instead: [link]
3. Try a different browser
4. Press "Download"
5. If you can't see the kitten eyes, you need to download Flash Player

Yes, you can post your kittens on DA, but if they're not modified much, you have to put them into the "Scraps" category.

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I'm glad I was able to find this. It extends my imagination.
Of course, it needs a critique.
This is the best doll maker I've ever seen. It doesn't have any of those out-of-place parts or colors. It's very nicely designed and shaded. I was even amazed at the backgrounds! Usually artists are so caught up in the parts and over do the choices, and then if there even are any backgrounds, they're horrible. Not this one! And the wings option added a nice touch!

I really loved the classic "*Kamirah" shading and figure. It was a doll maker unlike any other. And not just that, but it also had the cuteness you only see in *Kamirah's art. I can't wait to see more of the dressups by Kamirah. If you've passed on this one, something is truly wrong with you! :XD:
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I love this doll maker, the coloring and images are smooth and adorable. The kitten is so precious. I love the variety in markings and colors and shading that the kitten can have.

The only critique I have is the random dots, It's an odd glitch, because on the site there were not dots. Strange.

The backgrounds were adorable, I like that you put a white one in too. And the option to print. Very neat.

Maybe it could have use a little more variety in the color choosing. As in the person can choose each individual color, instead of choosing a pallet for the cat. I'm not sure if that makes since, but I can't think of how to describe it ><;
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cool, so! 
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I LOVE it! I've always admired your art so much :3
Also, this website posted the game without permission:…
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I made stampy. Pants Man Dance GIF 
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Someone is selling them for points..…
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Name-Moonstar (Moonkit Moonpaw Moonpelt)
Pelt-short haired Black
Eye color-Grey 
Markings-silver crescent moon on forehead 
Kits-Shadekit/paw/fur Sweetkit/paw/heart Greykit/paw/claw
Story-Moonstar is leader of Silverclan she has really long claws. Moonstar used to be a warrior in Thunderclan but as kit she was neglected so at 5 moons she left Thunderclan leaving Stormkit heart broken and became Moon at 8 moons she saw Stormpaw a fox attacked Stormpaw was attacked and thought to be dead so she killed the fox and brought Stormpaw's body back to Thunderclan camp she then is telling Bluestar that a fox attacked and she avenged his death. After she pays her respects to him she leaves heart broken with tears running down her face. At 9 moons  she meets a wolf named Sunfang they become best friends at 9.5 moons Sunfang has to go on a long journey and leaves Moon lonely again. At 10 moons she rejoins Thunderclan becoming Moonpaw then at 11 moons she is a warrior, Moonpelt after Bluestar's death (spoiler if u didn't know) she was sad and Firestar helped he get over it on the great journey Moonpelt is helping Leafpaw and Cinderpelt carry herbs. At 16 moons (SPOILER) Firestar dies and she is sitting there comforting Greystripe and Sandstorm telling them he is happy and watching over them in Starclan. At  17 moons she is neglected again so she leaves taking Foxfur her best friend the wants to go with her and Foxfur's mother Smallface. At 18 moons she finds Stormpaw he tells her he became a loner and he didn't want Moonpelt confused. At 19 moons Moonpelt forms a clan calling it Silverclan she seen 6 caves making them Silverclan camp marking the smallest cave as the nursery the medium cave apprentice den medium large Elders' den the large cave Medicine den other large cave the warriors' den and the huge cave the leader's den.  A day later she receives her 9 lives from Starclan becoming Moonstar leader of Silverclan Foxfur deputy and Stormclaw her mate. At 20 moons Sunfang attacks Moonstar saying that she faked being her best friend biting her neck and scratching her belly causing Moonstar to go through a stage that she loses control and sees nothing but blood then she finally dies and Bluestar brings her to Starclan.
MoonStonetheCat Featured By Owner 11 hours ago  New member Hobbyist General Artist
HAY! YOU STOLE THAT NAME FROM ME! Moonstar and Moonpaw!
meepers21111 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Are you aware that used this game. I'm not sure if they asked permission 
huskythewolf Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2014  New member
name: Amber
age: 14
gender: girl
clan: wind clan
likes: climbing trees, sneaking up, hunting, wrestling, being alone, and jumping on rocks
dislikes: water, other clans, being left out, being treated like a kit, deaths, and sitting around
personality: brown and black fur, blue eyes, long tail, whiskers, claws, and pointy ears
traits: quite, proud, kind, insecure, and fun
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